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Two different agendas
June 23, 2008

Here is one more scene from the Corner – a Muslim man who is a regular speaker there. He is part of a radical political party that wants to see all Jews driven out of Israel. His speeches are therefore political, whereas what we bring to the Corner is theological discussion, so we start with Jesus and end with Jesus.

London Journal – Sunday, June 22
June 23, 2008

In the preceding post I told about our visit to London’s Central Mosque.

Our afternoon and evening were occupied with our usual Sunday routine: training in apologetics and polemics at a certain church; going to Speakers’ Corner; then conversation, fellowship and prayer at a restaurant.

The ministry at Speakers’ Corner felt quite different today… (more…)

Scenes about town
June 22, 2008

There are many open-air restaurants – very European, we think. This scene is near Langham Place and All Souls Church.

Today, Sunday, June 22, we went to see London’s Central Mosque, adjacent to Regent’s Park. JoLene, as all females, had to wear a scarf on her head; one was provided by the attendant. We walked across the courtyard and went into the lobby. Prayers had just begun in the prayer hall, but I decided not go in. Men only are allowed in the prayer hall.
The next two photos are obviously of the mosque.

In the Cotswolds
June 21, 2008

Here are some more scenes from our tour of the Cotswolds earlier this week.

Doesn’t it make you want to come and see it for yourself?

And from our day in Stratford here is a photo (much too dark because the sun wasn’t cooperating) of The Fool, an important character in Shakepeare’s plays. In King Lear, for example, the fool’s comments make more sense than the king’s.

London Journal – Saturday, June 21
June 21, 2008

Little things can be a big challenge.

London Journal – Friday, June 20
June 20, 2008

Here in England we are much farther north than in PA.

London Journal – Thursday, June 19
June 20, 2008

For lunch today I ventured an item that was new to me – smoked salmon (raw but smoked) on panini bread. Quite delicious.

This afternoon we attended a meeting of a team that is putting together small booklets summarizing the main objections to Christianity from our distant cousins – and the Christian response. This is intended for ready reference when you find yourself in a discussion about the two religions. The booklets are still in process and are not yet ready for publication.

This evening Mr. Debate and I attended a meeting with three other men representing a great organization with whom we cooperate here in London. Clarification was needed as to how the two bodies cooperate in ministry. Good, open conversation. We covered thirteen points of common interest in a three-hour meeting.

While I was in this discussion, JoLene attended a home meeting where “Ella,” a woman in her seventies, talked at length, holding everyone’s interest, about how storytelling, done properly, can enhance personal faith sharing. We are meeting some of the best people on earth!

What stories of life-change by the power of God do you have to tell?

Hindu Temple
June 20, 2008

Not far from where I am staying, in the sector called Neasden, is this impressive temple. I walked there this evening. It was closed. Is it ever open to non-Hindus? I do not know.

All Souls Church
June 20, 2008

Here is All Souls Church (an evangelical Anglican Church) on a busy intersection in London.

And here is the interior – bright and beautiful.

As you can see, at last I have learned (on my own, can you believe?) how to put text and photos on the same post. It is simplicity itself. I have no idea why I thought it would be so complicated.

London Journal – Wednesday, June 18
June 20, 2008

“While Paul was waiting for them in Athens, he was greatly distressed to see that the city was full of idols.” Acts 17:16

This is the response of all believers today.