London Journal – Saturday, 7 June 2008

We can hardly believe it. Here we are in London for our first missionary experience in our new jobs.

Arrived mid-morning. Weather warm and partly sunny. Are staying at the Hollingbury Hotel in Harlesden. Small hotel – 12 rooms. Rooms are modern and clean, but tiny. No desk or easy chairs.

Harlesden is a borough that is six miles NW of the heart of the city where Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament and Hyde Park are. V S, C S and M and K W live here, i.e., in Harlesden. Ss and Ls live elsewhere in the city.

We had the day to nap and get acquainted with our area. Walked a lot. Bought a bus/subway pass, called an Oyster Card (why that name, I haven’t learned). To get a visual picture of things, we rode the bus 35 minutes to the heart of the city and back again. People of all cultures everywhere. I put in a bit of French or Spanish where I can. The receptionist at our hotel is a gracious, handsome young Pakistani, so my French, Spanish and German are useless with him.

Father, we are here to learn and serve. Open our minds to all that you want us to be and do. Thank you so much for friends who are lifting all this to you in prayer.


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