London Journal – Monday, June 9

We are constantly learning new things…

Harlesden, the area in which we are staying, is known as the ghetto of London. However, ghetto here does not mean ugly, run-down buildings, as in NYC, for example. But it does mean ecomonically disadvantaged – and afflicted with more crime than other areas of London – and yet far less crime than in typical US cities. We walk the streets, day or evening, without fear.

Today involved some “office” and computer work but also allowed for a diversion. We went downtown and took a bus tour, riding on the top deck, in the open-air.

Hot day, bright sun. I left my hat at the hotel, and we have no sunscreen with us, so greetings from Mr. and Mrs. Tomato.

London as a whole is made up of many boroughs. The two central ones are London proper (with London Tower and St. Paul’s Cathedral) and Westminster (with Westminster Cathedral, Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace.)

The tour included a short cruise on the Thames.

Along with ancient sites you find new things such as the London Eye, a huge Ferris wheel type structure, revolving constantly, but instead of massive arms it has thin cable spokes, so it looks for all the world like a giant bicycle wheel, 443 feet tall. Big Ben, across the Thames, stands embarrassed, at a mere 318 feet.

The Eye boasts 32 glass capsules capable of carrying 800 passengers on a 30-minute ride. I did not take the ride today, and I don’t know the price, but I hope to return later and sign up. JoLene signed up for adventure by marrying me, but she does have her limits, so she will, I am sure, decline this new and exciting possibility.

All over downtown London are Pret a Manger deli and sandwich shops, noted for healthy food items. (The name is French for “ready to eat.”) We took quite a liking to eating places and stop in whenever we can. UJnfortunately, there are none in our ghetto and, so far as I know, none coming soon to Mountville. More’s the pity.

Speaking of Harlesden, the main ethnic group here is islanders from the Caribbean, primarily Jamaicans. I love the ethnic diversity of London.

Father, we thank you for all of life, the natural and the spiritual, the pleasent and the difficult. We rejoice with you in the rich diverstiy of cultures and languages. Help us to believe that every person we meet is made in your image. We are overwhelmed to realize that you have assigned us to join you in inviting everyone into your glorious worldwide kingdom.

In reading through Acts 1:1-10, the Spirit impressed me with these realities:
many convincing proofs
the kingdom of God
be baptized with the Holy Spirit
receive power
be my witnesses…to the ends of the earth
This same Jesus…will come back.

What is God saying to you through his Word and Spirit?


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  1. Thanks for sharing what the Spirit shared with you as you read through Acts 1:1-10

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