London Journal – Tuesday, June 10

Birding is never far from my mind.

Walking through the city, I hear bird songs and calls without trying to. Sitting at the counter in the breakfast room of our hotel, I heard a magpie nearby, even though I coudn’t see him.

Speaking of our hotel, we have been able to move to a more spacious room, where there are two easy chairs and a small end table to set my laptop on. For more money, of course, but I think it is worth it.

Back to birds, today we walked 15 minutes to Roundwood Park – a simple place with grass and mature trees, a few spectacular tree roses, an attractive wrought iron gazebo that JoLene would love to take home with us, and a rounded hilltop from which you can look out and see houses and Wembly Stadium. And birds. Not many, mind you, but a chaffinch, with a song like a house finch back home, and a few others.

Also, today was the first we had an extended time alone with Jay Smith to review the issues we need to deal with. He is so knowledgable about a certain and so gifted in apologetics and polemics, and so full of new ideas for making known the truth about God and Jesus. He is also so grateful that we will relieve him of numerous administrative duties so that he can give himself more fully to the areas where his passion and gifting lie.

Being a team is what this is all about.


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