London Journal – Wednesday, June 11

Hello…and goodbye.
We are getting to know the team here – and we also participated in a farewell today.

M and K have been here in London for three years and leave this weekend for home minsitry, so, along with the team meeting we had in V’s apartment, we had a farewell for M and K. M’s interests and skills are in research, apologetics, teaching and personal evangelism. Through friendship and Bible studies he has led at least four M men to Christ. One is Sha, who came to faith in Christ through reading 1 John with M. Sha soon showed gifts in personal evangelism and has won 15 or 20 Ms to Christ in the past year.

We are all keenly interested in seeing where God uses M in the future.

This evening JoLene and I took the bus downtown, walked through a small section of the large and diverse Regent’s Park, admiring the avenue of seven rows of trees, with flower beds and fountains. We also ventured into a pub called Green Man – a busy, noisy place – for dinner. I had “Sunday lamb roast” (served, mind you, on any day of the week) with vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, which is not at all like a dessert pudding in the States, but is a pastry, shaped a bit like a barrel, crispy in the walls of the barrel and soggy on the bottom because of the gravy. Quite delicious, we thought.

Father, we thank you for the minsitry of personal evangelism you have given to M, Sha and others. Grant that through all means many more Ms in UK will come to faith in Christ, your Son.


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  1. Hi John and Jolene
    I just read your e-mail-good to know where you are although I have been praying for you anyway- thinking that you were in London since the beginning of June. Mom, Dad and I returned from London and Ireland a month ago so it’s good for me to be able to envision your surroundings. I’m also wishing I were still there-having a cream tea and enjoying a good scone!! Enjoy every aspect of this new assignment and adventure! ‘Remembering you in my prayers!’

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