London Journal – Thursday, June 12

When a person takes the step of baptism, it is always cause for rejoicing, especially when a M, after long consideration, comes to this act of faith in and obedience to Christ.

“Shana” is from Iran. She grew up to be a faithful M. When a new ruler came to power, three of her brothers were executed. This led to toal confusion for Shana. If there is a God, how could he allow this to happen? She became an atheist.

Later, she moved to America and lived in CA, where she met a Christian Iranian woman. The woman invited Shana to her church. There Shana confided in the Iranina pastor why she no longer believed in God. The pastor said, “I, too, have family members who were killed by that same leader.” Shana was taken aback. How could this man not be consumed with anger? How could he have peace in such circumstances?

She had several conversations with that pastor, her faith in God revived, and she became a Christian. That was about eight yers ago. To this day she is still the only beleiver in her family.

Shana moved to London. One day she came to a Christian book table on the street and told the workers that she, too, is a believer. She invited the workers to her home and started attending an Arab church. In due time our BIC people met her and became her friends. V S leads a Bible study with her. Shana in now in her late thirties.

She was baptized on Sunday, June 8. Three of our missionaries skipped going to Speakers Corner in order to be with Shana on this holy occasion.

Father, we thank you for all the influences you use to help us to repent of our sins, put our faith in Christ and follow him in baptism. Please direct Shana in every area of her life, and use her to point many others to Christ. By the work of you Holy Spirit, bring many Ms to slavation and eteranl life.

Cloudy, cold and showers today.

Much of the day was filled with ministry meetings, but this afternoon we took the bus downtown to that much talked about store, Harrods. It fills an entire block, as far as I could tell, and has five stories as well as a basement. (Actually, let us say it has a lower level. Basement is too common a term for this classy place.) The Egyptian room is amazing – ceiling and walls all in the decor of ancient Egypt, with images and hieroglypics and, larger than life, a golden pharoah kneeling.

We searched in vain for something cheap enough for us to buy. A glittering ladies’ headband costs $800.

Being curious about generally everything and having considerable nerve (a quality I learned from Bob Sheetz) I asked the doormen if they know how many customers come to this place. They said congenially, “Of course. We have cameras above each door, to count the people who enter, and on a sale day in January of this year 110,000 people walked through the doors.” Which is more than I can comprehend. JoLene and I went in and out twice, so we messed up today’s count for them.

We meet adventure at every turn.

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