London Journal – Friday, June 13

Today I read Acts 9, the story of the conversion of Saul. I was struck with how the supernatural figures strongly in this narrative.

Father, we pray that you will show your supernatural power today in any ways you choose, so that our friends in the US and London will come to faith in Christ and experience transformation from the inside out.

We are meeting special people each day.

Today we sat with R and M, husband and wife. He is the director of a training center that the BIC cooperate with closely. R and M are originally from the US and have led this work for 30 years – a rich history of loving service.

A two-week outreach led by this training center will start tomorrow. Eight BIC people arrived today to participate in this training. Of these eight, two are from Canada, three from US, two from Malawi, and one from Mozambique. The one from Mozambique is Youngson P., whose photo has been seen by Manor Church a few years ago when we were taking offerings for AIDS relief ministry in that country. It was a privilege to meet him personally.

The three men from Africa had two hours of free time this afternoon, so I offered them three options of what we could do together. They chose to go for a walk to Roundwood Park, which you heard of in an earlier blog. On the way we saw a goldfinch, which here has not just a yellow body and black wings as in North America but also has red on the face, surrounding the bill, and white streaks on the head and the wings. A beautiful sight.

In the evening JoLene and I went to V’s house for a prayer gathering of 11 people, to pray about all aspects of what is done at Speakers Corner. I was remeinded of the observation (by E. M. Bounds, I think) that prayer does not prepare us for greater work; prayer is the greater work.

Thanks to all of you for joining us in the greater work.


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