London Journal – Saturday, June 14

Perspectives…it is most interesting to learn the perspectives of other people.

Today I had a good conversation with young Mr. A, who is one of the clerks or managers at our small (12 room) hotel. He is from Pakistan and moved here last year. He is married, and they have a 3-year-old daughter who is savvy enough to use the computer on her own, even before her parents wake up in the morning, using headphones so as not to disturb them.

I aksed for his perspectives on Christians in UK, and he said he is amaazed at how empty the churches are (compared to the mosques, which are full on Fridays) and how the Christians seem to be quiet or ashamed about their faith. I look forward to more conversations with him.

Elias Moyo, a BIC minister in Zimbabwe, came to London several decades ago and started a congregation here, made up partly of immigrants from Zimbabwe. Now the work has grown to several groups. I hope to meet with him next week to learn more about the work of Christ in London, from his perspective.

Yesterday, at a cafe here in Harlesden, I had shepherd’s pie for the first time. It is a standard dish at pubs and restaurants.

JoLene and I went to two fabric and curtain shops. The lace curtains, in all sorts of designs, are quite beautiful.

Today, sessions began for the two-week training that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Since JoLene and I are not enrolled in the training, we will not attend all the classes and practicums, but we did sit in on the initial orientation and Jay Smith’s evangelism talk and his introduction to the minsitry at Speaker’s Corner, which I have already desribed to you in some detail.

Jay pointed out the absolute necessity for prayer “cover.” One older woman comes to the Corner every Sunday, holding a cross, walking around with her lips moving, silently praying for the Chrsitian witness that is going on. From your situation wherever you are, you, too, can join in this minsitry through prayer.

I am beside myself with joy and holy excitement at the work God is doing in London and beyond – and am grateful for the small part I can play in this – and grateful for your partnership with us.

Perspectives…how does life look to you?


One Response

  1. I found your post while researching lace curtains.

    Many years ago I visited London and have always wanted to go back. Your post brought out some very interesting information about the religion in England. Hope to hear more.

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