London Journal – Monday, June 16

You might be interested in an example of prices in England. We met one of our London workers for breakfast today at an Israeli restaurant. It was a nice, average restaurant, not five star. We had omelettes, a small Israeli salad, bagels and coffee. Also, I could not resist having a slice of their version of apple pie. Cost for three persons – $76. (You begin to see why our budget for this work is so high.)

Therefore, most days we eat breakfast at our hotel, which is included in the room rate. This breakfast is quite adequate, although always the same: cold cereal, toast, orange juice, coffee, and choice of a banana or apple.

This evening we went to Kensington Temple in the center of London. J S is teaching an on-going seminar there, on the subject of understanding “our cousins” and presenting the gospel to them clearly. He described what the team does at Speakers’ Corner and what are the limitations and advantages of this approach. About 30 people attended.

Bear in mind that what we do at Speakers’ Corner is only a tiny part (maybe the least important part) of what we do here. I will describe the other parts at another time, in another setting.

Peace and joy to all of you.


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