London Journal – Saturday, June 21

Little things can be a big challenge.

As you know, here folks drive on the left side of the road, which creates a bit of a problem for me as a pedestrian. I am constantly looking the wrong way for traffic, so I step out when I should be waiting and wait when I could go. If I can avoid being run down by a vehicle, this will be a major accomplishment.

Misty rain part of today. Ended by afternoon.

Today we had lunch in the home of another of our staff for the two purposes that comprise my job: to review strategy and adminstrative issues, and to offer spiritual direction. It was a profitable time. In these appointments JoLene and I act together, as she is not only my administrative support for this ministry but aslo an active participant in spirtual caregiving.

Edgeware Road is an upscale section of London (Hilton Hotel is there) where many of our distant cousins live, immigrants from other counties. So a certain organization has a Coffee Corner ministry four evenings a week (4:00 to 10:00) at a small plaza at a street corner. This ministgry consists of free coffee and tea, with tables and chairs for sitting (the coffee is instant, so Costa and Starbucks are not suffering from the competition); and, most importantly, a literature table, with free leaflets and books, very attractive, designed for our distant cousins. Our BIC people and the folks who come to London for a two-week outreach assist in this minsitry. I helped this evening and had a meaningful conversation with a man from North Africa who is here in London for treatment for a health problem. I told him I would pray for him (later, not out loud on the spot), which he said he appreciated. In fact, he gave me his first name. I will refer to him as Mr. M. Will you join me in prayer for Mr. M? If so, let’s pray that God will reveal himself and his love to Mr. M, that Mr. M will be healed according to God’s plan, and that he will become a follower of Christ.

Back at the hotel, this evening, as every evening, I did filing, writing, emails, blogging and adminstration. Our work days here are fairly long, but varied and stimulating. We are blessed to be able to have a supportive role in taking the gospel to this part of the world.

Father, we read in the Book of the Acts about the signs, wonders and miracles that confirmed the preaching of the gospel. Grant that these signs may continue in our day, as a witness to those who are not yet believers. All for your glory. Amen.

Before I left US, I added international calling to my cell phone so that I could be reached here if the need arises. So every three or four days I call my Mother, which she appreciates a lot and is a great joy for me.

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