Muslim-Christian Dialogue

From June 27-30 I attended the General Conference of our church family, the Brethren in Christ, held in Toronto. One of the features of the Conference was a dialogue (or debate, if you prefer) between Jay Smith (Brethren in Christ apologist) and Shabir Ally (one of Islam’s foremost speakers, writers and debaters). The Conference leaders asked me to moderate the dialogue, which was a delight, giving me a close-up view as to how these two men, who are personal friends, reason, reply, poke fun at each other, and present their arguments with passion.

You may access the dialogue by going to the Brethren in Christ web page,, clicking on GC 2008 VIDEOS, and then clicking on Conference Multimedia.

How would you like to enter a debate with a trained apologist from some other world religion?

3 Responses

  1. I had no idea that the BIC did stuff like this at their conferences. Very interesting. I’ll have to take a look, thanks.

  2. Fascinating! I loved it! By the end of the video, I felt convicted by the way I sometimes read scripture without first praying for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. This dialogue makes it clear that people can manuever words to mean what they need or want them to mean. We are so blessed to have a God that sends his Spirit to indwell and guide us through His story of the world and how we fit into it.

  3. It sounds like you had a very unique and fun experience moderating for the debate.
    I don’t think I’m interested in entering a debate but I’d love to sit in and learn from few in the future if I have the chance!
    I’m home now from my trip to the Middle East this summer. I learned a lot and got to meet many people. I’d love to go back in the future if the Lord chooses to open the doors. In the mean time I’ll wait and pray that His will would be done.

    How are you and how is your work progressing?

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