Endless Enjoyment

From Eugene Peterson’s parapharase of the Bible come some well-turned phrases, such as what you find in Psalm 111:2.

God’s works are so great, worth
A lifetime of study – endless enjoyment!

That statement describes my experience precisely. I thoroughly enjoy the world of nature, science and space. These are God’s works, worth a lifetime of study.

Then there is the whole area of God’s relationship with mankind, the drama of God at work in seeking to redeem us after our first parents chose self-autonomy and left themselves and all of us cut off from intimacy with God -and especially the drama of what God did for us in Christ. These are Gods’ greatest works and are supremely worth a lifetime of study.

We will never undertand God and his ways fully, but we can know these things in a measure, and the result is endless enjoyment, not just of some philosophical or theological ideas, but of God himself.

What aspects of God’s works most captivate you?

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