London Journal – Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today we met with the London Team for devotions; discussion of steps to take to strengthen teambuilding; business; and lunch. We met at VS’s flat, and she prepared a more than adequate hot lunch.

As team members listed the “spiritual achievements” of the past 6 months (for a report I am to write up), we were all encouraged at the work God is doing through his people.

In the afternoon we met with one of the team at O Tamariz, a tiny Portuguese shop, for coffee and pastry, but mostly for spiritual direction and prayer.

In the evening, office work in our room. Then we watched a TV show about Australia. What a diverse place in its terrain, climate and wildlife! This was the first we turned on the TV since we arrived. Our life is full of other things.

Here are some billboards that have caught my attention as we move around the city.

It took me a while to understand that this is an advert (as they say here) for a beer from Belgium, a beer with a tradition dating back to, as you see, 1366.

And this…

…is part of an ad for butter!

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