London Journal – Thursday, October 16, 2008

People have different abilities, interests and passions, and all these things equip each person for the unique role that individual can fill in society and, for believers, in the kingdom of God.

Today we met Jenny Taylor, PhD, journalist, and Director of Lapido Media, an agency that promotes Religious Literacy in World Affairs. We had lunch with Jenny and her volunteer assistant, CJ, in Jenny’s office, and then we continued our conversation as we four took a walk through a nearby park. Jenny is well-informed, passionate, competent and confident. She says, “I am not at all trying to politicize religion. I just want to be allowed to speak as a Christian in the public arena.”

The world is full of people of religious faith – far more people of faith than atheists. Let us pray that God will raise up more of them to speak up about the role of faith personal life, national affairs and international aid.

Next we went to Charing Cross Road, near the famous Dominion Theatre, to browse (and yes, to buy) at bookstores. With all the varied stores to check out, we surprised ourselves by finding the books we wanted in Borders!

We have several times seen Cornish Bakehouses, and today we stopped in for a pastry and coffee. I had a “Cornish heavy cake,” a lot like an oversized scone, but softer and more cake-like, and containing currants and tiny bits of citrus. Quite good, actually. (Can you hear the British influence in that last phrase?!)

In the evening, off to East London for dinner with our friends Elias and Fadzai Moyo and their son Nkosi. The Moyos came to London in 1982 to plant a church for expatriates from their homeland, Zimbabwe, and for all people. By this time Elias has established six churches, one here in East London (Forest Gate Church) and five in various other cities of England. He has also started a small theological school to train the pastors. You can perhaps imagine the far-ranging conversations we had on all kinds of subjects, mostly on the life and health of the Brethren in Christ around the world.

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