London Journal – Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You have already read my comments about the impact of seeing Stonehenge firsthand.
Here is another view of it.

This is from the wall of the restaurant Pret A Manger. They have such creative art pieces, all depicting foods in unusual placements. When I saw this one, I laughed out loud and decided I have to get a photo of it.

Then at McCaul’s Cafe here in Harlesden the breakfast menu includes bubble. “What is that?” I asked. Mashed potatoes mixed with a few mashed vegetables, shaped into a flat “cake” and lightly grilled. The first time I ate it, it became a favorite of mine.

Today we visited John and Deanna Hayes in Tower Hamlets, a section of East London, very close to the Thames and the Tower of London. It is government housing. Most of London’s Bangladeshis live in this general area. The Hayeses have started a new outreach here for Inner CHANGE, a Christian order among the poor. (This organization was founded by John himself and is the same organization that Julio and Melanie work with in Los Angeles.)

The Hayeses are delightful people, with a passion for the kingdom of God and helping the poor. John is an artist. Two pencil drawings on the wall of their living room are exceptional. Southwest USA is his favorite subject.

They said they have little orientation to sharing the gospel with our distant cousins and asked me to send them information on the training opportunities I know about. Making connections is an important part of my work, and a part that I really enjoy.

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