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Like Nothing I’ve Ever Heard
December 27, 2008

Earlier in December we attended a Crystal Concert at the Kimball Theater in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. This event featured Williamsburg resident Dean Shostak, who has revived the lost art of playing the glass armonica, that was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761.


While Walking
December 26, 2008

Today, as on many days, I was taking a for-my-health walk behind and through St. Anne’s Retirement Community, near where I live. Along the small creek in the pasture I saw, as I frequently do, two like-to-live-near-water birds.


Antebellum Homes in Lancaster County
December 22, 2008

JoLene and I attended the 43rd Annual Tour of Homes in Marietta, PA. Held on December 7, it was, of course, a Christmas tour.

Two homes were of special note, having been built prior to the Civil War by Henry Musselman, a leader in the iron industry.

He Speaks Up Fearlessly
December 17, 2008

I am learning about Father Zakaria Botros, a 75-year-old Coptic priest who uses a TV show and internet to confront Islam, point out its contradictions, and invite people to turn to Jesus Christ.


Thinking about Life, the Universe and Everything
December 4, 2008

I am reading through five novels and one story by Douglas Adams, laughing out loud and alternately shaking, nodding and scratching my head.

The first book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the rest follow the same theme, if there is one.

I think I will eventually post some observations about this series, but first I want to check with my readers and friends, which, with any luck, just might turn out to be the same people.

Have you read the first novel, or the series?
What did you think?
How would you describe these novels?
What kind of mind would it take to produce such zany thoughts and plots?

Is anyone out there, or am I talking to empty cyberspace? Actually, whether cyberspace is empy or overcrowded is a point on which I understand experts from the planet Rupert diasgree vociferously.
The planet Rupert?! You have to read the book…

Enter your comments, please.

Live Thoughtfully
December 2, 2008

Last week, with my family, I visited the Pennsylvania State Museum at Harrisburg. The displays and dioramas are informative and quite impressive.

In the central hall among other quotes you find this one:

Consider how many millions of people come into and go out of the world, ignorant of themselves, and of the world they have lived in. – William Penn