He Speaks Up Fearlessly

I am learning about Father Zakaria Botros, a 75-year-old Coptic priest who uses a TV show and internet to confront Islam, point out its contradictions, and invite people to turn to Jesus Christ.

His TV show is broadcast live and has an audience of up to 60 million viewers across the Arab world and beyond. Thousands of Muslims are becoming believers through Father Zakaria’s ministry.

Despite his confrontational approach, he says: “I am not against Muslims although I am against Islam as a false religion….My ultimate intention is to glorify God and to save people…”

He has received death threats. When asked about fear, he replies: “Fear? I fear nothing. My dictionary does not contain the word fear. I believe in God and I believe that the Epistle of Ephesians says we are created in Jesus Christ for a plan, which was enaged from the early beginning. No one can cut it, and when it is completed no one can continue it.”

(Some information and quotes in this blog are from an article by Mindy Belz in World magazine, December 13/20,2008.)

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