Antebellum Homes in Lancaster County

JoLene and I attended the 43rd Annual Tour of Homes in Marietta, PA. Held on December 7, it was, of course, a Christmas tour.

Two homes were of special note, having been built prior to the Civil War by Henry Musselman, a leader in the iron industry.


The above home is a brick mansion of Victorian style, with a panoramic view of the nearby Susquehanna River, not to mention of Mr. Musselman’s foundries! Built in 1849, the house had eight fireplaces, two of which remain working.


And this home is Victorian Italianate, built about 1855. The people who know about such things say that this stucco-over-brick structure is a true example of antebellum architecture. The forty-foot-long projecting front porch has one of the largest and most ornate cast iron ornamentations in Lancaster County.

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  1. What a tour! They are superb dwellings. You might be interested to know that I grew up on that hill. Not in those houses, but the two newer neighboring ones as you head to Marietta along 441 (before you reach the mansion at the 441/23 light).

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