Like Nothing I’ve Ever Heard

Earlier in December we attended a Crystal Concert at the Kimball Theater in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. This event featured Williamsburg resident Dean Shostak, who has revived the lost art of playing the glass armonica, that was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761.


As you can see, the armonica consists of a series of crystal bowls of graduated sizes, tuned precisley to mucisal tones, and arranged on a spindle in such a way that you cause them to rotate by means of a treadle and wheel. Then with moistened fingers you “play” melodies by touching the bowls.

The music is high, clear, delicate and ethereal, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before in my life, and exceptionally pleasant to listen to.

Mr. Shostak has other glass instruments as well. As you can see from the image above (from his web site), one of those instruments is a glass violin, made in Japan, one of only two in existence.

For more information, Google Dean Shostak or go to his internet site:

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