London Journal – Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today our London team (six of us, since Chad and Beth are on their way to another nation for further internship) met for prayer and planning at Cafe Rouge in a section of London called the village of Mida Vale.

Maida Vale borders Little Venice, which has a real canal with real canal boats. We hope to take a boat ride there next summer.

Cafe Rouge is, of course, a French restaurant with authentic French items such as croissants, Croque Monsieur and pain au chocolat. The music (which we could not turn down and was a slight distraction to our meeting) was delightful French songs of the 50’s, which are reminiscent of the voices and bands of the 20’s or 30’s from USA).

The menu is a bit pricey, but we had vouchers for free food. We paid for only the drinks and tip.

We began with a biblical study of conversion and then discussed “seven elements of a good conversion” as noted by Gordon T. Smith in his book Beginning Well. We talked about how this relates to our own spriitual journeys, to evangelism in general, and to the particular religious group that we deal with here in London.

Our agenda was quite full – items from the recent meeting of the Board for World Missions; word about conditions in India and Zimbabwe; Chris N. appointed as the new Executive Director; discussion of the insider movement (which pushes for a radical contextualization of the gospel to the religious group referred to above); schedules; plans for a Europe and Mediterranean workers’ retreat in May, to be held in Spain; and so on.

I thoroughly enjoy the way this group works together, has fun, pushes each other on accountability, and thinks deeply about issues that really matter. We welcome your prayers that we will be as effective as we can be, will keep on learning, and will be renewed by the Holy Spirit.

For supper JoLene and I ate a hot breakfast (hey, they serve it all day, so why not?) at Enjoy Cafe, located three blocks from our hotel.

In the evening, many emails back and forth across the Atlantic, about my work.

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