London Journal – Thursday, January 15, 2009

This morning we went with Jay and Val to visit KT Summit House on Hanger Lane, not too far from our hotel. The Summit House is the office buidling of Kensington Temple. The church itself is downtown.

The offices fill three or four floors, including classrooms and meeting areas. We expect to cooperate with KT in sharing some meeting space in the future.

The senior pastor of KT travels widely and writes extensively and is deeply concerned to warn our distant cousins about the errors of their beliefs and the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Next we went to Charing Cross Road and hung out at Foyles, a huge bookstore, the predecessor of the big bookstore chains such as Borders. We had lunch in the Jazz Cafe, located in Foyles.

I walked down the street to Shaftsbury Avenue to see the Palace Theater, a theater in the grand old style, and the place where the musical Les Miserables ran for so many years. Here it is.


I did not learn what is currently showing at the Palace.

Then we took a 40-minute walk to Euston Road, across from the British Library, where we sipped coffee and read some more while we waited for Jay. When he showed up, having led a tour of the British Museum and Library for a small group interested in how archaeology and ancient manuscripts confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible, we went next door to a Pizza Express for supper and conversation about spiritual development and administrative issues.

In an earlier blog I mentioned the bus ads being run by the atheists of Britian. At last I saw one (this is, one of the ads, not one of the atheists) when I had my camera with me.


Some Christians are uneasy or angry about these signs and say it is an indication of the evil and decadence of our day. Others say, “Hey, if we have the right to put the words of Jesus on a bus, they have the right to put their ideas up. Maybe it will make some people think, and it gives us an opportunity to talk about our faith.”

If these ads came to your community, how would you respond?

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