London Journal – Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunrise today 7:59 AM. Sunset 4:20 PM.

In my first blog of this trip I commented on the coldness of our hotel room.

Well, one of the desk men lent us a portable halogen heater, so when we face it toward us as we sit reading and doing office work, we are toasty warm. So now I have only positive things to say about the room temperature here!

Today again we went for a walk (50 minutes) to Roundwood Park. For birders, you do well to take your binoculars along. In addition to the usual things (magpie, English robin, and blue tit) I saw a great spotted woodpecker. Looks a lot like a hairy woodpecker back home. It may be a “life bird” for me. I will check my life list when I get home.

On the way to the park we pass St. Matthews Church (Anglican) where the Jesus on the outdoor cross is black. Not too surprising, as there are many West Indians (Caribbeans) here.


The same church has a day school, I gathered, and the hands on the windows of the door are a nice touch.



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