London Journal – Monday, January 19, 2009

This morning I read the account in the Bible in Acts chapter 13 about how God directed the church in Antioch to send out leaders to take the gospel to new nations and people groups – and the first experiences these “missionaries” had.

“God of all the Earth, teach us how to worship, fast and pray in such a way that we hear your Spirit calling workers to go to new areas. Give us discernment about receptive people and antagonistic people, and courage to confront evil. Send miraculous signs to confirm the preaching of your Word. Bring many people to salvation. Amen.”

This morning we met with Jay and two leaders of Arab World Ministries about ways they can assist us in training missionary interns here in London. We expect three or four new interns to arrive this year.

Everywhere we go, there is much discussion about what is known as the Insider Movement. This movement recommends that as Christians take the gospel to Muslim people, we should allow new followers of Jesus to stay within Islam. As other missiologists evaluate this movement, they ask: As we invite all people to believe in and follow Jesus Christ, how can we appropriately modify our approach to specific cultures? How much should we also modify the content of our message?

In the evening we went to a discussion group at the Open Door Friendship Centre on the subject of money and our attutudes toward it and use of it. Community people, Muslims, Christians – everyone is welcome to attend and participate. Bernhard, originally from Switzerland, led the discussion.

Our team members get involved in the lives of people in all kinds of ways. Mr. O, from Turkey, has health problems and family concerns, and is unemployed. Our team and the staff at the Friendship Centre are encouraging and coaching him as he deals with the tough issues of life.

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