London Journal – Friday, January 23, 2009

In every section of London (maybe everywhere in England) the main street through town is called the High Road, no matter what other name that street might have.
So here is the High Road through Harlesden, the part of London where we stay.


Produce stores, fish markets, clothing shops and eating places of all kinds line the streets. And buses – buses always runnning. How I managed to get this photo without two or three buses in it is a mystery to me.

And green. UK is green, not only in the grass, which is bright green all winter (I wonder how they avoid mowing it in January), but also in environmental concern. So this poster appears many times on the walls of the Underground and the trains.


Today we met with Mr. L., Director of Operation Mobilisation (the British spelling) here in London, to discuss areas in which our Brethren in Christ team cooperates with the ministries of his organization (the American spelling!) I enjoy maintaining friendly relations with Mr. L. and his group.

Then Carmen took us on a tour of London School of Theology, where she is a student in Masters level studies. We sat in on one of her classes, learning in great detail about the interaction of religion and politics in India in the 1800s and in both India and Pakistan in the 1900s. Much of the one and three-quarter hour lecture went over my head, and Carmen took great pleasure in teasing me about this fact afterwards. Remind me to think twice about academic invitations from Carmen in the future.

We had supper this evening at the Globe pub on Baker Street. For dessert I had British apple pie. I should have taken a photo. It was an oval-shaped, two crust individual pie, with a perfect, flaky crust. The pie was served warm, with soft vanilla custard (a thin pudding-like custard, not ice cream custard) alongside it. I expect to ask for this dessert often in future trips to England.

Well, this ends my journal for this trip. Two weeks have passed. Tomorrow we fly home – Heathrow to Philadelphia, as usual.

Thanks for looking me up, or for hanging in there, if you followed the blog regularly. Cheers!

3 Responses

  1. John & Jolene,
    Thanks so much for sharing the culture and PHOTOS of London. Sure hope that trip home is safe and that the meetings next week go well.

  2. John:
    Again I thoroughly enjoyed your London updates. i would like to hear a little more detail on the ministry vision, plans , strategies, and results. Blessings to you both!

    • Ed,
      Thanks for your interest in more details. I will get back to you a bit later in a private email.
      All the best to you and Martha.

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