Los Angeles Journal – Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It is hard to imagine creatures that lived 36,000 years ago, but that’s what I heard about today. More about that a bit later.

This morning I went with Julio to the weekly prayer time of the InnerChange staff. I had met over half of the staff of previous visits so it was a pleasure to be with them again. We prayed in couplets. My partner was John Tiersma-Watson, originally from a slum (his word for it) in New Jersey, graduate of Messiah College, Afro-American, an artist, passionate about living as an incarnation of Jesus-love among the poor.

Then in the afternoon I went by myself to check out Hancock Park, the La Brea Tar Pits, and the accompanying Page Museum. Awesome is the word. Almost beyond comprehension. Saber-tooths (cats, not tigers) that lived 36,000 years ago, bones fossilized in the tar pits, some tar still bubbling to the surface (not hot, just bubbling because of methane and other gases), high quality of fossil preservation, and about 3 and a half million objects in the museum, if I heard correctly.

Here is the Page Museum.


And here is the small lake out front, with models of Columbian mammoths. In this case, asphalt, not tar is floating on the surface of the water.


How the paleontologists’ claim that these animals lived 25 and 35 million years ago can be reconciled with the brief biblical narrative in Genesis 1 is not clear to me. But throughout the tour I was celebrating the creativity, wisdom and power of our Creator God.

This evening Al and Elizabeth Dyck brought in dinner and stayed for the meal and conversation. They serve in the Hague, Holland, with Christian Asoociates International. They are in Pasadena for Al to take some course work at Fuller Seminary School of World Mission. We found much to talk about regarding the worldwide mission of the church.


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