Los Angeles Journal – Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today is my last day in Los Angeles for this trip. Tomorrow I fly home, to be ready for a Roxbury Camp Meeting Commission meeting on Saturday.

This afternoon I drove to Pasadena…to see the US Center for World Mission. Ralph Winter, for many years Director of the Center, was not in today. I would have been glad to see him again and to bring greetings from his good friend Glenn Schwartz.

I was able to meet Jerome Hannaman, who works with the Perspectives course (Perspectives on the Christian Movement) and develops many other resources about missions.

In the bookstore I saw many resources that relate to the work I am doing, so of course, I bought a few of them.

Back in L.A., Jo and I went for our daily health walk, this time in a new direction, up a long, steep street that has us stopping to pant a couple of times. Near the top of the hill we saw, still higher up, a fine-looking church with a Byzantine appearance, but the surrounding poles and wires didn’t exactly make a prize-winning photo.


We kept going, around the hill by a dirt road, skirting the Elysian Park (which encompasses Dodgers Stadium), and never did find the entrance to the church (so many short streets and dead ends), but at last we came to the back side of the church and a clear view and a sign that said: St. Matthew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


So much for our ramblings today – and my rambling commentary.

I said that I fly home tomorrow, but not JoLene. She stays for two more weeks.

On February 12 I fly to Miami to speak in two of our Hispanic churches and to meet with Bishop Ed Llanes and the pastors – all part of my work as Director of Missional Development. The Brethren in Christ have 40-some churches in South Florida. I will return from Florida on February 24, the same day that JoLene flies home from California to a different airport from the one where I land!

These things we take in stride.

3 Responses

  1. Hey there Pr. John! Glad to see you were enjoying Pasadena!
    Blessings to you both.

  2. I find Orthodoxy fascinating. At the March for Life in DC last month one of the addresses was given by an Orthodox clergyman, who spoke very powerfully. I also enjoy reading Frederica Mathewes-Green, http://www.frederica.com/, a writer who belongs to an Orthodox church, whose work appears on NPR, in Christianity Today, National Review, and other journals.

    • Barry,
      The uninterrupted history of the Orthodox Church, from the first Century until now, in the same language (Greek), is a powerful witness.
      I see repeated references to Frederica Matthewes-Green, but I don’t recall reading her articles. I must keep my eyes open.

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