Miami Journal – Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well, here I am in Miami for ten days, to speak in two of our Hispanic churches, meet with all the pastors as a group, meet a prospective missionary couple, and talk with Bishop Ed Llanes about the possibility of setting up a Global Impact Team in the Southeast Conference.

Weather is beautiful – in the 80s – to drop to the 70s for the next several days. By hey, I can take 70.

Today I spoke at Ebenezer Church in Hialeah, which is just northwest of Miami. This is a church of about 200 people, from many different nations in Latin America – a beautiful example of diversity and unity in the body of Christ.


As you see above, this is a store-front church, but it is very deep inside, so it is much larger than it looks. And someone has good decorating sense: the interior is done in quality and good taste.

Here are the pastoral couple, Moises and Marageta Hernandez.


For the message, after a brief greeting that I gave in Spanish, I spoke in English, of course, with an interpreter. My theme was “To the Ends of the Earth,” based on Acts 1:8.

I was concerned about how well I would be able to relate to people of another lannguage and culture. Bishop Ed gave me some helpful sugestions ahead of time. Evidently I connected satisfactorily, judging from the fact that the people repeatedly spoke up with “Amens” and other comments, and happily interrupted me with applause and cheers. Just to clarify, the cheers were for Jesus, not me.

The church has a worship dance team of several girls and one woman.


In a graceful and fitting way they danced during the congregational songs and later danced again to a recording of “The Power of Your Love.” Their ministry was a deeply meaningful part of our worship.

After the service Pastor Moises and his son-in-law gave Ed and me a tour of the facility next door, which they are renovating to be a day care center. Excellent quality of work. Brightly painted rooms. The center will be most attractive.

Since this was Valentine’s Day weekend, they had a meal at the church. Latin snack foods. Quite delicious.

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