Miami Journal – More about Tuesday, February 17, 2009

By the way, I have been able to add more photos to Sunday’s journal (February 15), so you might want to check that post again.

On Tuesday I went to the Deering Estate, on the bay. This was the home of Charles Deering, businessman, art collector and philanthropist (1852-1927).

Here is the Stone House he had built.


The Estate has thousands of red and white patience in bloom.


I went on a two-hour guided nature walk through the wooded area. We saw a burial mound of the Tekesta group of the native Americans. None of the Tekestas survive today.

Wild coffee plants were bearing their fruit, which the guide said was edible. No one else in the group ventured to taste it, so I decided I would. It’s a tiny reddish-brown fruit, smaller than an aspirin, with two seeds, so there isn’t much to eat. The taste is a bit like a cherry, except not as sweet.

Now if it’s sweet you want, come with me to Gateaux Maison, a French bakery within two blocks of my motel. Incredible masterpieces – and incredible prices for the fancy stuff – so I content myself with their croissants and raisin Danish.

I love the piling up of cultures here. In a Hispanic community the French bakery serves Danish pastry! Just right for a Swiss-German fellow who lives in London every chance he gets!

In the evening I watched on TV a special about a trip the Jim Bob Duggar family took to El Salvador for food distribution and giving Christmas gifts to needy families. Jim Bob and Michelle are a committed Christian couple with 18 children! To learn more about this amazing tribe, enter “Duggar Family” into your search engine, and it will lead you to their web site.

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  1. I enjoyed catching up on the last few weeks of your blog. Your granddaughters are gorgeous, and I love the name Genesis. It fits perfectly with the new endeavor and/or new beginning that Melanie and her family are undertaking. They will have some challenging but wonderfully rewarding years ahead.

    I had seen a episode on TV about the Duggar Family and their eldest child’s dating and engagement process. I found myself wondering if the parent’s genetic code somehow produced unusually compliant children. It certainly doesn’t reflect our experience with our quiverfull. I will email you an interesting article I read about the Christian patriarchy movement. Perhaps the Duggar Family is part of it.

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