Bird Migration

Yesterday I saw a spectacular scene in nature.

I went with my son-in-law Ed and his two sons to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, northeast of Lititz, PA.

Here tundra swans, Canada geese and snow geese gather by the thousands to rest and feed on their journey north to nest in the Arctic tundra. They gather in the water and on the fields.

It was a sunny day, with a temperature that is most unusual for early March in PA – 71 degrees!

We saw relatively few Canada geese and maybe two thousand tundra swans, but probably 20,000 snow geese. Just before I left the area, something (likely a raptor predator) spooked the snow geese, and they all took flight, honking loudly. They circled the area and then landed again. It looked like a giant white blanket with black trim, rising, waving and settling down again on the land and water. I laughed out loud with delight.

Here is what a snow goose looks like.


This photo is by Michael, no last name given, from Google.

And this is what thousands of snow geese look like, at Middle Creek. (Again, this image is from Google. I seem to have lost my camera!)


As I understand it, people with a secularist or atheistic view believe that the beauty, order and connectedness of our world have no Creator, and our existence is without any meaning or purpose. But for my part, when I see these things, I worship God the Creator and take delight in his wisdom and power.


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