London Journal – Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, here we are in London again, after a night flight that had major turbulence for a half hour or more, probably the most turbulence in any of our transatlantic flights to date.

As usual we are in Harlesden, six miles northwest of the central city.

After a nap we went in the afternoon to Brent Cross Mall for a meeting at a restaurant with our London team – seven persons, including us. Hope,the new person on the team, has been here only two weeks, but she already has a room in a seven-person apartment. In the room next to her is Sarah, who is in training at Arab World Ministries, as is Hope.

Here you see an interior view of a small section of Brent Cross, the first mall built in England.


Yes, I have found my camera (referring to a comment from my March 5 blog).

And here is a bread shop in a mall hallway. Anyone hungry?


For our team, this was to be primarily a social event, to build relationships. But there is so much going on in ministry that we spent most of the time talking about philosophy of ministry, the Insider Movement, Hope’s first impressions of everything, Jay’s upcoming ministry in Italy (he leaves tomorrow), financial details, and schedule planning for the next ten days of our stay here. And prayer.

This work did not prevent socializing but yielded a nearly constant flow of sarcasm and put-downs, especially from Jay and yours truly.

Temperature today was 54 degrees. Mostly cloudy, some sun, breezy.
Sunrise at 6:19, sunset at 6:00.


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