London Journal – Saturday, March 14, 2009

We regularly hear, especially at night, a scratching, thumping and running sound above our hotel room.

By now we have concluded that the sound is that of squirrels running across a flat roof. When we were still thinking that there was a room above us, and when the sound took place in the middle of the night, we were quite puzzled and bit anxious! But now all is well.

Today was a day off, so we went to the annual Spring Fair put on by Country Living magazine. It took place in Islington (a section of London) in a large exhibition hall…


…and many smaller side rooms. A few plant and floral displays, an incredible topiary elephant three feet tall, but mostly dishes, clothing, foods and crafts. Some regional foods from around England. We bought lunch, afternoon tea, a ceramic sugar and creamer and nothing else.

In one shop a wall plaque caught my attention: “Drink coffee – Do stupid things faster and with more energy.”

Back in Harlesden, did I tell you that wild animals are seen regularly in our area? A white tiger lurks near a luggage shop two blocks from here. Don’t worry – we are quite safe.



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