London Journal – Wednesday 18, 2009

In an earlier blog I mentioned flowers in bloom. Here’s another one, from Jay and Judy’s back yard although we see them at many places.


I don’t know what plant this is. Do you?

Thinking of the sights of London, I think of the skyline of London, with many famous buildings and landmarks. However, here is another common skyline.


There is much building going on here.

Today we had a business meeting of our team, but for convenience of location we met near Tottenham Court Road in a Starbucks shop. I had 14 items on my agenda! Fortunately, some of them were quite short and informational, so we got through the whole list.

We also had a prayer time in the midst of the conversations around us, and with music coming from the loudspeaker right above our heads.

Doing business in such a busy public location is not entirely satisfactory, so I hope that next time we can meet in a quieter place, perhaps the church that Carmen attends.

Tomorrow is Hope’s birthday, so to celebrate, she and Val will take the bullet train to Paris for the day. We are all groaning with envy.

With time to fill before our evening appointment, we visited two bookstores just down the street from the famous Dominion Theatre, where the musical “We Will Rock You” has been showing for a long time.

I bought a copy of Walk in the Light and 23 Tales by Leo Tolstoy and started reading it. I immediately found it to be absorbing. But office work calls, so I am not sure when I can return to this book.

We met Carmen for dinner at a Glo, a Thai restaurant only a few steps from West Hampstead Underground Station. I had pork Sichuan with chicken and seaweed dumplings.


This particular kind of dumpling was new to me and was quite good.

During and after dinner we discussed several important administrative issues.

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  1. Lovely plant and food looks wonderful!

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