London Journal – Saturday, March 21, 2009

As you can see, this post is appearing days after the day it is describing! But my schedule has kept me busy with other things until now.

On Saturday we met with one of our team members at the cafe at Roundwood Park for the usual agenda – administrative plans and spiritual direction.

Then we went by bus (so slow compared to the Underground) to Notting Hill, an area of upscale homes and apartments. Here are two scenes along Basset Road.



Our destination was a small deli and restaurant called St. Helen’s Food Store (how’s taht for a creative name for a restaurant?) to meet Edgar and Jeanie Moyo.


We had learned about them from a mutual friend in USA. I was a fellow student with Edgar’s father, Mapendhla, at Messiah College 44 years ago! Mapendhla was an older adult student; I was a “traditional student.”

Edgar came to UK 39 years ago and has been here ever since. His wife Jeanie is British. They invited Vicar Steve (her pastor) to join us for lunch. He is evangelical in his faith and serves St. Helen’s Church, an Anglican Church across the street from the Food Store. The five of us had delightful conversation. Steve invited us to his services, and in a future trip I hope to free my schedule to go.

In the evening we went to Leicester Square, a prominent tourist attraction, with several movie theaters there and stage theaters nearby. We saw the movie The Young Victoria about Princess Victoria who became Queen of Great Britain at age 18. The movie shows her adjustment to this awesome responsibility, as well as her courtship and marriage to her cousin Prince Albert from Germany. A very good movie.

We found that in British movie theaters you get a reserved seat, such as we have in US for concerts or musical shows. We appreciated this feature. What we did not appreciate was the 30 or more ads and previews that preceded the showing of the movie!


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