In my post of London Journal for March 23 I referred to Giraffe Restaurant in Heathrow Air Terminal. Here is a view of the animals in the center of the restaurant.


And while we are on the subject of nature, I will mention the beauty of the wildflowers I see on on the roadside as I go for a walk in the country near our home.


I took this photo along Locust Grove Road. Here is a closer look.


And since I wasn’t able to get a really close shot with my camera, I went online and found this image.


This is the red dead-nettle, with the scientific name of lamium purpurea. It has a square stem, which is an indicator of the mint family. The flowers are tiny, but up close they are as delicate and lovely as a miniature orchid. As you see, the leaves are tinged with purple. Sometimes large sections of a corn field will be covered with this flower before the farmer cultivates the field.


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