London Journal – Monday, April 27, 2009

We arrived in London at 6:30 AM, after a flight with almost no turbulence.

During the flight I began reading Christian Perspectives on the Isreli-Palestinian Conflict which is edited by Wesley Brown and Peter Penner.

This book contains messages given by Jewish and Arab Christians at a Baptist-sponsored gathering in Prague, the Czech Republic, in 2006. Each speaker (writer) passionately shares his or her perspectives on what is happening and how we should interpret the present situation in light of Scripture.

As you might imagine, through reading this book I learned that the situation is far more complex than I had realized. I was especially troubled by the record of injustices by the state of Israel against our Christian brothers and sisters who are Palestinians (Arabs).

The “Prague Declaration” which emerged out of this conference is a wisely-worded and challenging statement.

At Heathrow airport we dragged our luggage with us onto the Underground. At the Piccadilly Circus station we were to change to another line, but the struggle up and down stairs with our luggage (I had a very large, heavy one with a poor handle) became burdensome, so we took a taxi the rest of the way to our hotel.

Here is a view of the famous Piccadilly Circus.


I suppose you are noticing the McDonald’s sign. This image is from the worldwide web. What we saw today was clouds and rain!

As usual, we are staying at the Hollingbury Hotel in northwest London.

After naps, we went to the City of Westminster section of London to have supper at the Green Man pub. I have written about this place in a previous blog. The flower boxes at the entrance are quite nice.


In the evening we went to a church in the Notting Hill area for a teaching session on one of the world’s major religions, especially on the bold claims that religion makes for its scripture – claims which cannot be substantiated.

Today the first two cases of Mexican swine flu were confirmed in UK (Scotland). The whole world is on a state of alert.


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