London Journal – Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today we begin three days of vacation. We are staying at our hotel and taking trips to various sights in London and southeast England.

We started with a tour of the Tower of London, situated right on the Thames River. Our tour guide was a Yeoman Warder (commonly called a Beefeater).


She is the only female Warder. She made the story of the Tower come alive and had a fine sense of humor.

The whole property, walls and moat and all, is called the Tower. It has served as a palace, fortress, prison, and a place of execution, and it now houses the Crown Jewels – a marvelous display.

Here is an overview of the whole Tower property.


The centerpiece of the place is the White Tower, in the top center of the drawing above. It was built by William the Conqueror in 1100. Here is a photo view.


Next, we walked (much farther than we expected) to the Globe Theatre – a reproduction of the theatre that Shakespeare had built in his day. A matinee of Romeo and Juliet was in progress; we got to see the last half. Quite good acting, I thought.



To complete the day we went to a concert by Tenors Un Limited, three men who sing opera and some contemporary songs. The program also featured a soloist, Lila McConigley, and a string quartet (ZHL String Ensemble) with a piano accompanist. The quartet played almost exclusively lively numbers, and the bass player was a comic who danced and leaped around (yes, leaped!) as he played and got the audience involved in all kinds of ways. I do not know how many of the artists were Christian believers, but the evening included four Christian songs.

Seldom do we have a day with as much variety as this one.

3 Responses

  1. WOW!! What a wonderful, event-filled day. The pictures and descriptions are great. Amp up your enjoyment level since you have to be enjoying everything a bit more for the masses back in the States. (I guess I’m just a tad jealous.) I love your enthusiasm.

    • Thanks, Nancy, for the kind words. You will just have to move beyond “tad jealous” and plan to visit England yourself some day!

  2. Super writing,, will come back soon..

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