Spain Journal – Part 2

On Wednesday afternoon we rode with the Bundys and Abreus to a nearby area to visit Placido and Maria…

who have left the Catholic Church and have become evangelicals. Both of them have been baptized as believers.

Placido was previously a Catholic priest. Now he and Maria are married and have three children. He himself built the environmentally friendly house they live in.


We had a stimulating conversation (with Bruce as interpreter) about Spanish culture and the state of the church in Spain. Placido leads a Bible study with a group of ex-priests. Some the them, while disenchanted with the Catholic Church, are reluctant to say that Jesus is the only Savior.

I affirmed Placido and Maria in their passion to follow Christ and to share the clear gospel with their community.

Maria does fine lettering and prepares little handouts that say: Jesus loves you and is searching for you.

On Thursday the retreat group went by glass-bottom boat to a tiny island, Tabarca, that has both a protected wildlife area and a small village with restaurants and shops. Here are a few views.



And have you ever seen a geranium this big?


On Friday morning the Manor team closed the retreat with the blessing of the hands. In turn, one Manor person poured water over the hands of a worker, then prayed for God’s blessing to be on the hands, the worker, and every area of his/her life. Then anyone was welcome to add an additional prayer.


This continued until a blessing had been prayed on each adult and child.

It was a deeply moving experiences that drew us all closer to each other and to God.

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