London Journal – Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Pastors’ Vision Trip is in progress. This is a 9-day experience here in London for pastors and lay leaders from North America, to give them an introduction to the work that the Brethren in Christ and other groups are doing to take the gospel to the people of UK, and especially to our distant spiritual cousins.

This current Vision Trip involves seven persons – five pastors and two lay persons – five persons from PA, one from Illinois, and one from WI.

JoLene and I are participating in most of the events of the Vision Trip.

Today we all went on the museum tour to the British Museum and British Library, to hear Jay Smith tell how the archaeological and manuscript evidence in these institutions supports the detailed historical accuracy of the Bible.

For example, a black obelisk, shown below, is from the time of Shalmanezer III in the 800s BC. Jehu, King of Israel, attempted to buy the alliance of Shalmanezer by paying homage to him. This is depicted on the obelisk as a man bows down to Shalmanezer. (Shalmanezer is, of course, the figure to the left of the bowing figure.) The cuneiform on the obelisk states that the man bowing down is Jehu. This is the first known depiction of any Israelite king, and the inscription corroborates the events we read about in II Kings chapters 9 and 10.


In the tour we learned about many similar pieces of evidence that confirm the truth of the Bible.

Also, as a point of interest, here is a floor mosaic from a Roman villa in St. Hinton in southern England.


Of the many Romans who settled in Britain in the 4th Century AD, some were Christians, and they used religious symbols in their homes. This mosaic includes in the background the Greek letters Chi and Ro, which are the first two letters in the Greek word for Christ. Clearly this image is to represent Jesus and is the earliest known image of Christ in the Western world.

Do plan to come to London and see the marvels of the British Museum! The admission is free.

In the evening at a training center we had a lecture from Jay on several aspects of the Christian faith compared to another world religion.

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