Spain Journal – Part 4

For our time in Madrid, we stayed with the Bundys in their apartment, on the tenth of thirteen floors. Obviously, Spaniards are not superstitious about the number 13!


On Sunday, May 10, we had the privilege of visiting our two churches. The one in Madrid proper is located only four or five blocks from the Bundys’ apartment.


I preached on Hebrews 4:14-16, showing that because Jesus our high priest understands us fully, we can come to him with confidence and receive the very help we need.

In this photo the lady in the center led the service today.


Then in the evening we went to Hoyo for a celebration service for the fourth anniversary of their meeting in this store front facility. Each cell group and several childrens’ groups gave features of singing or of dance or mime to recorded songs.



We were so encouraged to see the vitality and variety in the Brethren in Christ churches in Spain. The Bundys have been here for 22 years, and the work is difficult and the setbacks have been many, but their ministry is bearing good fruit.

On Monday we said no to sightseeing. Instead, we all relaxed, did office work, and talked about the future of the work in Spain and the need for more workers. Just as Jesus commanded, we are praying that the Lord of the harvest will call and send out workers into his harvest fields.

On Tuesday we had a staff meeting with the Bundys and Abreus over breakfast in the Abreus’ apartment. The main points of conversation dealt with the Abreus’ hopes and concerns for their upcoming home ministry and also their health and how that relates to future service.

Tuesday afternoon we said goodbye and flew back to our second home, London.

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