London Journal – Saturday, May 16, 2009

In my morning walk, by choosing a new route, I came across a mosaic mural on a side street here in Harlesden.


I found it quite impressive. Most of the pieces are pottery of some sort, but some are glass. Here is some close-up views.



Mid-morning Mr. L. took the Pastors’ Vision group of seven and JoLene and me on a driving tour of several sections of the city. He commented on the decline of the church in UK, pointing out numerous buidlings that were once churches but are now apartments or mosques or Hindu temples.

We went into the Hindu temple on Chapel Road in Ealing. The building was formerly a Baptist Church.

We were welcome to walk through the main area while several things were going on: prayers, incense, offerings of flowers and fruit, rituals and the presentation of babies. One huge shrine containing an idol filled the middle part of the room, with eight or ten smaller idols around the walls.

It was jarring to realize that once Jesus Christ was worshiped in this place – and now this activity!

In another part of the building a wedding was in progress, with the bride and groom dressed in stunning white and gold costumes. Among the guests, all the women wore colorful saris.

In the afternoon JoLene and I were back at our hotel for a nap. How refreshing!

Then dinner with the Pastors’ Vision group at the center where they stay.

Throughout the day I had extended interviews with two different pastors who are part of the Vision group. One feels called to serve in Madrid; the other, in London. It was a privilege to discuss vision, strategy and practical issues with these men. Both are married, and in both cases the wife is in total agreement with the call from God to serve in a cross-cultural setting.

In the evening the entire Vision group and JoLene and I went to Val’s apartment for popcorn and watching on TV a music contest from 50 nations in Europe. But the best part of the evening was hearing each person describe his or her highlight experience of this Vision trip. You would have enjoyed listening in.


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