London Journal – May 20, 2009

Yesterday I met with three of our team members to work on some financial matters, then back to our hotel for office work.

For the evening meal we went to Piccadilly Circus and ate at the very American Aberdeen Steak House. Good food. I had lamb shish kebab.

Today…I met with Paul, from Canada, who, with his family, will join the London team in August. After a year of training, he will endeavor to start a church among one of the immigrant communities here.

For tea and a snack JoLene and I went to Little Venice, the section of London where the canal goes through. So many houseboats. Here is a view from a bridge.


We had our refreshments at The Waterway restaurant, sitting outdoors on their patio.

This canal system extends all the way to Scotland!

Late afternoon we met with one of our team members for conversation about spiritual formation and administrative issues.

Then in the evening we had dinner with the whole team in Val’s apartment, followed by a 3-hour staff meeting. Then back to the hotel for report writing.

This ends our ministry in London for this trip. Tomorrow we will rent a car and go to Oxford, about 20 miles away, to stay three nights with friends, and spend the days going to various places of interest in the area.

The weather forecast calls for rain all three days. Welcome to England!

I am not sure when I will be able to post another blog. Thanks for joining us in this long journey.

We will arrive home on Sunday afternoon, May 24.

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