Kansas Trip Journal 2

It is great to be in KS.

The rains have been abundant this year; everything is green and lush. The skies are beautiful. Wheat harvest is past.

Such memories of the past! I was pastor of Zion Church, north of Abilene, from 1968-1974. Both of our daughters were born while we were here. They were ages 4 and 2 when we left KS.

On Saturday evening, July 4, I spoke at Revolution Church in Salina. The pastor is Jeff Piepho.

At the present this church and its mother church, CrossRoads, share the same building, a former bar and night club in the southwest area of Salina.



The next morning I spoke at New Trail Fellowship in Abilene, a church designed to reach the cowboy population. Stan Norman, son of Rev. Charles Norman and a friend of ours since our days at Zion Church, is the pastor.

Here is the show arena where this church meets in the summer time.


Here is part of the worship furnishings.


And here I am, dressed to preach to the cowboy audience!


Everyone was warm and friendly toward this Easterner. Many told me they were grateful for the information about Christian missions around the world.


4 Responses

  1. You make a good-looking cowboy. I love the hat.

    • Everywhere I go, new experiences!

  2. Please say that you will be bringing the hat home to PA!!!! And better yet, that we will get to see you in it.

    • The cowboy hat was borrowed, so you will see it only in the photo.

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