Kansas Trip Journal 8

After our time with the Rickmans in MO we drove to northeast OH to the town of Canton to be at the Valley Chapel Brethren in Christ Church on Sunday morning, July 19.


This is the earliest Brethren in Christ church building still standing today, if I heard the local people correctly. Chuck Burkett is the pastor.

Outside the church this Stargazer lily caught my eye.


During Sunday School hour, I met with the children (and a few teens). In this church eight children form a Global Impact Team, a group that meets weekly on a weekday evening to learn about world missions and to pray for missionaries. Here are five of the Global Action Team children who were present this day.


Dawn DuBose, who has a passion for the work of God and especially for world missions, leads the Global Action Team.

Then in the worship service I spoke on missions vision.

After dinner we took off for southwestern OH to attend Memorial Holiness Camp Meeting at the small town of West Milton.

On the way we stopped at the main store of the Longaberger basket company. The shopping area includes a larger than life basket with appropriately sized apples!


And who can resist having his photo taken inside a basket?


Several miles away, rising out of the ordinary rural landscape is this.


The home office, made of stucco over a steel structure, with space for 500 employees. More info is available at: http://www.longaberger.com.

When you travel, you never know what marvels you will see.

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