Trip to Guatemala – Part 2

Next we went to Hotel Atitlan, so named because it is located on the shore of the lake by that name.

The hotel is moderate price but top quality. The gardens are extensive and varied.



And the horse rides are free.


Lake Atitlan is surrounded by four extinct volcanoes. The skies were hazy, so my photos don’t do the scene justice, but here is a shot of one of the volcanoes.


The birding at the the grounds was phenomenal. No expereinced birder was here to help me out, but I had bought a guide to the birds of northern Central America (a large volume), and I did the best I could, adding eleven new species to my life list.

The most striking little bird was the white-eared hummingbird. With my ordinary camera and ordinary skills I didn’t even consider trying to take my own photo of the tiny, darting things. This image is from the internet, by Dave DeReamus.


The bird guide book says this bird is unmistakable, and I agree.

Samaya constantly begged to go to “la piscina,” the swimming pool, so she and I went swimming each of the three days we were there. Sometimes the others went, too.

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Keep them coming so we feel like we are there too.

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