Trip to Guatemala – Part 7

On Sunday, August 23, we began the day by going for a buffet breakfast at Hotel Bonifaz.

The food was delicious and the decoration of the place was outstanding. An art piece in the atrium shows a macaw on the left and the famous quetzal on the right.


JoLene was especially taken with this piece.


It is not a painting; it is needlework. When you are up close, the fine shading of the lady’s hands are remarkable.

At noon we had a chicken dinner at the home of Julio’s parents, who live three short blocks from here. The occasion was a welcome-home for Nate and Jenny and their two children, who returned just today from spending a year in Rome so that Nate, a Catholic deacon, could study at the Vatican. Our conversation with Nate and Jenny included Christian unity, an audience with the Pope (Jenny attended several of these), the positive experience this year was for their children, and Spanish riddles.

Late afternoon we had a birthday party, again at the home of Julio’s parents. This was for Karla, Julio’s sister-in-law, who with her family lives in the apartment next door to Mel and Julio.

In the evening JoLene and I went with Nate to mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, facing the central park. Here are a few views of the cathedral.




And this is the view from Julio and Melanie’s rooftop!


In the sermon the priest talked about life’s most important decisions and asked us whether we will take the easy way or say yes to God.

What decisions have you had to make recently in response to God’s voice coming to you?

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