Trip to Guatemala – Part 8

Everywhere I go I see and hear the rufous-collared sparrow. I suppose it is quite ordinary to local people, but I find it delightful. Its note is a chip-chip; its song is short but musical and pleasant and reminds me of the song of the Eastern meadowlark back home.

This photo is from Arthur Grosset online.


On Tuesday, August 25, Julio’s father drove us and Mel’s family and Julio’s niece to Fuentes de las Georginas (Fountains of the Georginas), a hot springs located high in the mountains.

The hot water trickles out of the mountain into three man-made pools. The largest pool is the one where the water enters, so it is the hottest.


The wall of greenery next to this large pool is spectacular.


This cliff is a hundred feet tall, maybe taller, so my photo cannot do the scene justice.

Here are the smaller pools, where the water is not so hot, which the children and some adults preferred.


We were in and out of the water for two hours and ate lunch (hamburgers and fries) in the small restaurant next to the pool.

This was the first hot springs I have ever visited. It was a totally relaxing experience.

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