Trip to Guatemala – Part 9

I have often mentioned the central park that is five blocks from Melanie’s apartment. You might be interested in some photos of the park and the buildings around it. The cathedral appears in a previous blog, so I will not repeat those photos.




Here the way to make trees beautiful is to paint the trunks white.


In the park every day several men and boys set up their stands to shine shoes. It is the homeless shoeshine boys that Melanie and Julio work with. The more responsible ones go to school during the week and shine shoes on weekends. Here are two of the boys.


We became friends with three of them.


I bought breakfast for them today at McDonald’s. Our conversation was limited because of my small vocabulary and their street talk, but we made the best of it.

It is one thing to hear of street kids from a distance; it is another thing – a beautiful one – to know them as friends.

This is likely my last blog from Guatemala. Thanks for coming along.

We will return home late Thursday night, and early Friday morning Ed, Sheryl and Yohannes leave for Ethiopia to meet and bring home their new daughter Zariah, age 7 months (the same as Genesis). We will keep Jeffrey while they are away, getting him off to school, taking him to soccer practice, and going to parents’ night at his school. How life keeps repeating itself!

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6 Responses

  1. I love the pictures, I love the stories, I wish I could come along wherever you and Jolene travel!

  2. I think it is great that you’ve covered so much of Guatemala in you blog. It is a wonderful place to visit and will provide you a lifetime of memories. If you ever miss the place, check out some Guatemala photos for a refresher. Happy trails!

  3. Since you asked for a response…Thanks, Guatemala John, for your wonderful blogs. I’ve been enjoying every one of them. I was a bit concerned for you when I read about your trip up the volcano. So glad you survived!

    Guatemala looks like a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. BTW, did you see a quetzal bird?

    • No, I did not see the spectacular quetzal bird and did not really expect to do so. If I understand correctly, it lives in the southeast of Guatemala, which we did not visit. If any of my blog readers know differently about the location of the quetzal, please let me know.
      Birder John

  4. Have thoroughly enjoyed following your trip to Guatemala. Have a safe trip home and be in contact soon.
    Ed & Martha

  5. John & Joleen,
    I have followed your time in Guatemala with pleasure. I liked reading about your family. The pictures made it all come alive.
    Thanks for letting me join you.

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