London – Sunday, September 20, 2009

Up early to go with our friend Edgar Moyo to St. Helen’s Church of England Church in Notting Hill. I had met the church’s Vicar (Pastor) Steve Divall on previous visits, and he invited me to give a brief report about the work I do and the varied ministries of our missionary team.

Here are two views of the interior of the church building.



After lunch with Edgar at a sidewalk cafe across from the church JoLene and I went to Speakers’ Corner to join our group who go there to engage anyone who wishes in conversation about life, God, the Bible and Jesus.

Speakers’ Corner is in an eastern corner of Hyde Park, but it is actually a fenced walkway, as you see here.


Every Sunday ten or more persons get up on a small stepladder (all at the same time, at different spots along the fences) to give a loud, informal speech on a subject of their choosing. Depending on the interest of the passersby, five or ten or 30 or more will stop to listen – and some heckle and interrupt.

Of our team, usually only one person gives a talk on a ladder (or an informal debate with someone of a different view). The rest of us listen, cheer, and enter into quieter (if possible) conversation with one person or a small group. Our speakers do not talk politics or government; they talk about religion, comparative religions, God and the Christian Scriptures.

While, as I said above, most speakers stand on a small ladder, one fellow today climbed up on the fence and held forth loudly, and angrily it seemed, in a language I did not understand. Soon two others got up on the fence with him.


The speaker is the one on the left. It was not clear to me if the other two were agreeing with him, but it seemed as if they were. However, at one point someone (I did not see who) knocked Mr. White Shirt off the fence, and I feared things might get ugly, but fortunately, they did not.

Here is Jay Smith, our team leader, on the left, in a duo presentation with one of our friends.


The street not far from Speakers’ Corner has been re-landscaped and now has beautiful and unusual features.



As darkness came on, twelve of us went to a Malaysian restaurant on Edgware Road for food, discussion of our ministry experiences, learning about current debates on missions methods, and prayer.

Because of my slide-illustrated talk at St. Helen’s Church, I had to lug my laptop with me all day, which was quite a bother, but I managed.

2 Responses

  1. Hi J&J!
    My cousin now lives in Notting Hill. She and her husband and three children just moved there from NYC in August. I don’t know what their address is or a phone number. I call their NY number and get them in London! If you see someone with brown hair, two boys and a girl, who resembles me and probably sounds like me – say hi to Karen from me!
    Praying for you.

    • With that description, how could I miss? I shall look for Karen on my next foray into Notting Hill!

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