Trip to London – Friday, September 25

The past three days have been filled with office work, appointments with out staff, attending a lecture, and the travel time on public transportation required to get to these events.

The lecture was sponsored by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, which was founded in 1982 by John Stott.

The speaker was Dr. Peter Ridell, who is Dean of the Centre for Study of the Christian Faith and Other Faiths at the Bible College of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. He is Jay’s advisor for his doctoral thesis, so it was significant for me to meet and hear this man.

Nearly all of our London team attended.

Peter spoke on “How Muslims Do Mission: Diverse Methods and Christian Responses.” I was impressed with his breadth of knowledge and his balanced view of the many ways Christians can and do respond to Muslim mission advances.

One evening we had dinner with Michael, a student at Syracuse University who is studying here in London along with 200 other Syracuse students. He is interested in having a British Museum tour for his fellow students. As you may know this tour, led by members of our London team, points out various artifacts that confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible. So I have put Michael in touch with Jay.

We visited Paul and Claire in their home. Nearby is a building that dates from the 15th century.


And one of their neighbors has the fullest front yard I have ever seen.


So all you flower lovers can see that you have something to live up to.

On Friday we took our exercise walk in Lindsay Park in Kenton. Among other common birds I saw several white wagtails. This image is from: birdfinders,


The wagtail is aptly named; it frequently flips its tail up and down. It also walks with an exaggerated bobbing of the head.

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  1. How fortunate we all are to be able to journey with you. I love the up close and personal pictures and comentaries. Thanks for taking us along.

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