Trip to London – Sunday, September 27

This morning we went to Hollingbury Hotel to have a chat with two of the men who sit at the front desk. It was good to catch up with them again. One of them has completed his law exams and will be looking for a job in his field.

Then off to All Souls Church at Langham Place, just north of Oxford Circus.


The service was quite meaningful, with blended music (small choir, 7-piece orchestra, pipe organ, hymns and contemporary songs) and a clear, content-rich message on Jesus’ post-resurrection appearance to the disciples in which he granted them a great catch of fish and invited them to breakfast on the shore.

On the street near the church we noted many hanging baskets.


During our quick cold lunch at Pret A Manger I noticed that this deli has some new posters with creative food images.



Next, to the workshop, where a young woman spoke on the role of jihad (struggle, sometimes meaning moral and spiritual struggle, sometimes meaning holy war) in Muslim thought and practice. We had prayer.

Then we walked to Speakers’ Corner for the kind of interaction we have every Sunday with folks there. One interaction I had was a real conversation as a young couple asked thoughtful questions about what the Bible says about Jesus. We were able to tell them about his death as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all who will believe and follow Jesus.

Every Sunday we pray that people who hear the good news about Jesus at Speakers’ Corner will trust in Jesus and receive God’s gift of eternal life and go on to follow Jesus in daily life.

JoLene and I then went back to All Souls Church for the evening service to hear Stephen Lungu give his life story and preach. He is Malawian but spent much time in Zimbabwe. As a teenager he was a gang member and terrorist who hated all white people and sought to bring down white leaders with violence and killing. At age 22 when he and his buddies went to bomb a Christian tent meeting, he was dramatically converted and became a fearless evangelist. (They never got around to bombing that meeting.)

He worked for years with Dorothea Mission and is now the director of African Enterprise, a ministry that works for evangelism, discipleship, reconciliation, aid and development, and leadership training.

Elias Moyo, from Zimbabwe and now a Brethren in Christ pastor and church planter here in London, knows Stephen well. Perhaps some of my other readers know him, too.

We bought a copy of Stephen’s life story Out of the Black Shadows. Black Shadows was the name of his terrorist group.

How I rejoice to hear any story of God at work transforming a person’s life, even if the story is less dramatic than that of Stephen Lungu. What is God doing in your life?

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